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Ice Castles bringing the magic of winter back to the Twin Cities with expanded experience

Ice castle lit up at night

A magical, frozen attraction is bringing its fairy-tale experience back to Ramsey County this winter after taking a year off due to the pandemic. In January 2022, Ice Castles will return to Long Lake Regional Park in New Brighton. The park last hosted Ice Castles in January-March of 2020. 

The frozen experience features tunnels, caverns, towers, fountains, slides and crawl spaces built entirely from icicles that are grown on site, harvested, and hand-placed by professional ice artisans. The winter playground will also include an ice sculpture garden and a winter light grove this season. 

“We are excited to bring the magic of Ice Castles back to the Twin Cities this winter with an expanded experience,” said Ice Castles' CEO Kyle Standifird. “Our mission is to create a fun and safe outdoor attraction where people can escape from the hustle of daily life for a moment and step into a frozen fairy-tale world.”

“It’s great that community members of all ages will be able to enjoy this unique experience,” said Mark McCabe, Ramsey County Parks & Recreation Director, “We are thrilled to be hosting Ice Castles at Long Lake Regional Park and are hoping for a good old-fashioned cold and snowy Minnesota winter so everyone can enjoy the full beauty Ice Castles will bring to the park.”

Construction on the winter attraction begins as early as November. A team of at least 20 ice artisans will spend about eight weeks building the experience. Ice Castles typically opens in early January, depending on the weather and remains open until early March.

Presale tickets to visit the frozen fortresses will be available in December on the company’s website, The Minnesota location is one of six Ice Castles locations in the United States. The seasonal entertainment company also has locations in Utah, Colorado, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and a new location in New York.

Posted on Monday, October 18, 2021 - 9:49 a.m.