From the County Manager Column from April 13, 2021

Yesterday, I shared a message for employees following the killing of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center on Sunday afternoon following an officer-involved shooting. The message includes links to resources for employee and community health and well-being that I would encourage you to consider using and sharing. Lniks are all available on RamseyNet, our employee intranet site.

I share some additional thoughts today in the following video following many conversations with community members, employees and partners over the past day.

Chair Carter opened this morning's meeting of the board of commissioners with remarks about this tragic and senseless loss of another young Black life. 

Read excerpts of Chair Carter's comments and view a video of the remarks.

During these times in which sadness, confusion, frustration, anger and heartbreak have become all too commonplace, today and in the days ahead, please seek out even small ways to show grace, empathy, compassion and love to the ones around you. They need feelings of warmth and hope. We all do.