About the Compliance & Oversight Team


  1. Ramsey County is spending millions in its response to the COVID-19 crisis. New processes are being developed during this emergency period to ensure speed and effectiveness. In this situation, the need for additional oversight is key to minimizing risks of mistakes, waste, or abuse.
  2. Ramsey County’s goal of accountability rests on the public’s trust that resources are being properly spent and monitored – especially during an emergency period in which some standard rules and processes are modified or suspended.
  3. The need for enhanced oversight and compliance exists across the incident management structure as well as the regular Ramsey County organizational structure during the emergency period.
  4. Ramsey County has resources in its compliance, legal and financial functions to build an effective compliance and oversight response to the COVID-19 emergency, and it should take advantage of those resources to ensure a transparent, accountable and successful emergency response.
  5. Ramsey County has a strategic priority to advance racial and health equity.

Areas of focus

  1. Compliance and oversight to ensure accountability, transparency and effectiveness of COVID-19 and non‑COVID-19 programmatic efforts, including hiring and spending during the duration of the emergency response.
  2. Partnering with the Racial Equity Response Team to ensure that goals and efforts around racial equity are reflected in Ramsey County’s public health and economic responses, including purchasing and contracting. 
  3. Data collection and information sharing that is focused on organizational spend, hiring, contract issuance and program compliance.


The Ramsey County Compliance &Oversight Team will report directly to the County Manager during the COVID-19 emergency response. This reporting relationship will ensure influence into the Incident Management Team as well as the rest of Ramsey County’s operating departments. The Ramsey County Compliance and Oversight Team is not formally a section or branch within the Incident Management Team but will be approved based on its weekly work plan to execute specific tasks in partnership with the various sections and branches of the Incident Management Team. Additionally, the Ramsey County Compliance & Oversight Team is not a department within Ramsey County, but its weekly work plan will also require it to execute specific tasks in partnership with various departments across Ramsey County.


The County Manager will approve a set roster of members for the Compliance & Oversight Team to ensure role clarity. The group will include:

  • Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer (leadership role for the group)
  • Finance Department Leadership and Staff
  • Policy & Planning Team Representative
  • Health and Wellness Service Team Evaluator
  • Human Resources Representative
  • County Attorney’s Office Representative