Vadnais Lake Drainage Improvement Project

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Vadnais Lake Area Water Management Organization (VLAWMO) will be completing a small drainage improvement project on the east side of Vadnais Lake for Ditch 14. This work will result in a temporary closure of a portion of the aggregate trail/maintenance road to complete construction activities.

Anticipated project activities are planned to start in the end of November 2020 and should take approximately one week to complete.

Project activities will consist of:

  • Lower existing Ditch 14 culvert to improve stormwater flow.
  • Minor grading and site improvements within the existing maintenance road and directly adjacent to the culvert.
  • Minor dredging activities on Ditch 14 associated with the culvert lowering.
  • Implement stormwater management and erosion protocols.
  • Restoration of impacted turf and aggregate areas.

Full details of the project may be found through the VLAWMO website. Please contact Brian Corcoran, VLAWMO Water Resources Manager, at 651-204-6075 with questions related to this maintenance project.

Ditch 14 maintenance project information