West Side Arena

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Ramsey County built the Ken Yackel-West Side Arena in 1973 to serve the growing hockey population at the time. The arena is heavily used from November through February by youth hockey groups and an in-line skating group in October and March. It is closed from April through September. The use of the facility is predominately by groups outside of the immediate neighborhood.

Project objectives

The West Side Arena project aims to:

  • Provide year-round options for recreational opportunities that are inclusive of racially and ethnically diverse West Side community members’ needs, meet current accessibility standards, and are financially and environmentally sustainable.
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships between the county and West Side communities to support authentic and meaningful engagement, work toward community consensus for the future of this space, and help ensure the county is contributing positively to the West Side neighborhood's future.

Community engagement


Engagement values and ethics


Round 1 engagement

November 2021 - February 2022

The county will be seeking input on various scenarios for year-round recreational uses through an online survey and community conversations. With COVID-19 still a factor, engagement is expected to be mostly virtual. The county will also work with community organizations that wish to host socially distanced in-person engagements. 


Early 2022

Based on Round 1 input, the county will develop a variety of options and alternatives.

Round 2 engagement

Spring 2022

The county will seek feedback on the options and alternatives. Decisions on tools, techniques and format will be made based on COVID-19 conditions at that time. Round 2 feedback will help shape decisions on the future of this site, with timing dependent upon the nature of the decision.