Lateral (Merit-based) Transfers for Correctional Officers

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office is now accepting applications for lateral (merit-based) transfers for Correctional Officer.  To apply, you must currently be a Correctional Officer (or Detention Deputy) working at the state and local level, such as at the Minnesota Department of Corrections, a sheriff's office, or community corrections department.

Applications are being accepted for full-time and intermittent (part-time) officers.  Persons hired as intermittent staff may be offered opportunities to move into full-time positions without needing to participate in a new eligibility list process.

There are many advantages to being a lateral transfer beyond just putting your experience to work sooner, including:

  • A streamlined hiring process since you have already completed a competitive process. 
  • Transfer of your sick leave (up to 120 hours per every year of service)
  • A modified and condensed field training officer (FTO) program.
  • Matching your current vacation accrual rates and pay in most cases.
  • Participation in the Correctional Plan of the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA).
  • Enjoy a number of different scheduling options to balance work/life and/or working part-time. 

We welcome all applicants - you do not need to be a county resident to apply.  We also welcome informational conversations prior to your application.  Please contact Shannon Williams, Correctional Sergeant, with any questions or for more information. 

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