Ramsey County Clean Indoor Air Ordinance

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The Ramsey County Clean Indoor Air Ordinance prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes) in public spaces where cigarette smoking is currently prohibited under the Minnesota Clean Indoor Act, as well as prohibiting vaping or smoking within 25 feet of entrances, exits, open windows and ventilation intakes of public places and places of work. The goal of the ordinance is to prevent the potential adverse health effects of e-cigarettes in public spaces and to refine current county policies on cigarette smoking. The ordinance is effective November 29, 2015.

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Violations include all public buildings and spaces. Signage is required at the entrances to all public spaces. This ordinance does not cover apartment buildings and multi-unit dwellings. If you are a property manager or multi-unit housing owner and would like assistance in going smoke-free, contact Live Smoke Free at 651-646-3005 or email: info@mnsmokefreehousing.org.

If you have a question about the ordinance, or want to report a violation, you can leave a recorded message at 651-266-1197 or send via email: askeh@co.ramsey.mn.us 

Business responsibilities

Ramsey County proprietors (the person(s) or entity responsible for managing a public space) are required to enforce the ordinance by taking the following steps: 

  • Make reasonable efforts to prevent smoking/vaping indoors or within 25 feet of entrances, exits, open windows and ventilation intakes.
  • Post signs inside the establishment stating “No Smoking/No Vaping.” 
  • Post signs at entrances of establishment stating “No Smoking/No Vaping within twenty-five (25) feet of entrances, exits, open windows and ventilation intakes.”  
  • Do not provide ashtrays, matches or other smoking equipment. 
  • Ask persons who smoke/vape in prohibited areas to refrain from doing so and to leave if they refuse to comply. Use lawful methods consistent with handling disorderly persons or trespassers for any person who refuses to comply.  
  • Refuse to serve persons not complying with the ordinance.


To help inform employees and customers of this new ordinance, Ramsey County has a window decal provided by the Association for Nonsmokers of Minnesota (ANSR). To request a decal, contact ANSR directly at signorders@ansrmn.org or askeh@co.ramsey.mn.us.