Emergency Alerts

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Ramsey County’s 9-1-1 center alerts residents of local emergency situations by landline phone.

Residents may sign up to also receive these notifications by text message, e-mail or cell phone at one or multiple locations - such as home or work. 

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A local emergency is an imminent threat to health and safety affecting those locations you have added to your profile. Examples include:

  • Hazardous chemical spills or explosions.
  • A lost child or vulnerable adult.
  • A person attempting to harm others.

You will receive emergency alerts based upon the preferences you choose. For example, you can choose text message first - then email - then cell phone. The alert will be delivered to you in that priority. 

On mobile phones, the text message will always be delivered from 89361 or 87844. Phone calls will appear from 651-266-9990. Emails will be delivered from the "@everbridge.net" address.