Golf Study & Assessment

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In 2018, an independent consultant evaluated Ramsey County's golf facilities as they compared to industry standards. The final report is an overview of the county's golf operations in totality. The evaluation provides operational and financial recommendations for the biennium budget and long-term capital planning. Those recommendations were just proposals at the time. No final decisions were made.



Scope of Services


Golf operations

At the time of this study, the county had five golf course operations and one golf dome practice facility. Three of the five courses, Keller, Goodrich and The Ponds at Battle Creek, had a professional services contract with a PGA-certified golf professional to manage the pro shop and clubhouse operations. The capital and maintenance at those three courses were managed and operated by the county.

Manitou Ridge was operated under a professional agreement, which included the entire operation - clubhouse, pro shop and maintenance operation. The county maintained the capital needs of the course as part of the agreement. Island Lake was established as a lease-to-build agreement. The county also had a land lease agreement for the operation of the Goodrich Golf Dome, which was separate from the course agreement.

The golf department was overseen by the Director of Operations for Golf and Arenas and reported to the Director of Ramsey County Parks & Recreation.