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Celebrate a loved one, a special life event or just your love of your favorite park through Ramsey County Parks & Recreation’s tribute program. Donations to the tribute program will be honored with the installation of a customizable 2x5 inch plaque on a bench or bike repair station.

Donation options and pricing

Existing bench location

10-year term – $3,000

A refurbished bench will be outfitted with a plaque at an existing location that does not currently have a plaque. Parks & Recreation staff will work with you to find the best available location.

New bench location

10-year term – $5,000

A new bench installed at a new location with a plaque. Few remaining suitable locations without a bench exist, so new locations are subject to approval by Parks & Recreation staff.

Bike repair station

5-year term – $4,000

A new bike repair station at a new location along a regional trail.

Additional details

  • Inscription content must be appropriate for the general public.
  • Once the 5 or 10-year term has ended, donors will have first right of refusal to renew for another term.
  • Consideration of new bench locations are subject to approval by Ramsey County Parks & Recreation.
  • Ramsey County reserves the right to remove and/or relocate park benches or trees when they interfere with site safety, maintenance or construction activities. In the event a bench must be permanently removed, we will work with purchaser to seek an alternative location.
  • Donations go toward park amenities and natural resource preservation throughout the Ramsey County park system.

Make a donation

Ramsey County Parks & Recreation looks forward to partnering with you to make your tribute gift special. For questions about options and personalization, please call 651-266-0300 or email [email protected].

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