Youth Plus Program

As a lifelong Ramsey County resident, I care deeply about our county and the future of children. I have always and will continue to value youth and prioritize their well-being. The future of our communities is dependent on the success of our children.
Sheriff Bob Fletcher


In February 2019, the Sheriff’s Office restored youth crime prevention programs and established the Sheriff’s Youth Plus Program (YPP).​

The Youth Plus Program introduces youth participants to athletics, outdoor activities, life skills, and literacy enhancement to improve reading skills. More importantly, this structured program helps prevent youth from becoming involved in criminal activity and helps them make more positive choices.

The Sheriff’s Youth Plus Program also helps bridge the gap between law enforcement and the communities in Ramsey County’s economically disadvantaged and under-served neighborhoods.

Programs & Services


Literacy is the primary focus of the Sheriff’s Youth Plus Program. All participants must be enrolled and attending literacy classes to be eligible to participate in any other activities. These classes use proven reading intervention programs to help improve literacy skills.

Athletics (vary by season)

Athletics show youth many different kinds of sports throughout the year. Sports can give youth a strong foundation in working as a team and developing discipline. Sports include kato, baseball, fishing, and hockey. Generous donations of equipment and resources from individuals and local businesses help make youth athletics possible. 


Leadership development is for participants ages 13 through 17. Through this part of the program, youth learn valuable life skills including conflict resolution, decision making, and other abilities that teach independence. Youth use parliamentary procedures when resolving conflict among their peers. Youth also host meetings, organize events, and plan field trips. Field trips are aimed at increasing knowledge and understanding of professional jobs, young adult responsibilities, and higher education (college tours). Youth with advanced reading and comprehension skills serve as volunteers in the literacy program. During the summer, youth attend team-building camps, work with law enforcement as their advisors, and partner with Saint Paul Public Housing for participation in additional programs.

Volunteer Information

The Sheriff’s Youth Plus Program would not be possible without the hard work of dedicated volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please email [email protected]

Volunteers must be over 18 years of age and complete a criminal background investigation. Orientation and training is provided.