Property Tax Refunds

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If you're a homeowner or renter in Ramsey County, you may qualify for one or more property tax refunds from the State of Minnesota. Visit the Department of Revenue property tax refund page for details and a full list of refund programs.

Homeowner's homestead credit refund

Minnesota has two homestead credit programs for homeowners: the regular property tax refund and the special property tax refund. You may be eligible for one or both, depending on your income and the size of your property tax bill.

  1. The regular property tax refund is based on your household income and the amount of property tax you pay on your principal residence. 
  2. The special property tax refund requires your net property tax to have increased by at least 12% and $100. The special property tax refund is not based on income.

View homeowner's homestead credit details

Property tax deferral for senior citizens

This program allows people 65 or older to defer a portion of their homestead property taxes and is also administered by the State of Minnesota.

View senior citizens deferral details

Renter's property tax refund

Many renters and homeowners can get a refund every year from the State of Minnesota. The amount of your refund depends on:

  • How much rent or property tax you paid.
  • Your income.
  • How many dependents you have.

View renter's property tax refund details