Community Indicators

Community indicators are measurements that provide information about past and current trends impacting the quality of life in Ramsey County. These measures assist planners and community leaders in making decisions that affect future outcomes and show community progress toward achieving the county’s vision, mission and goals.

Current indicators include items like life expectancy, serious crime rate, poverty rates and voter participation.

Indicators are selected every 10 years to help set the long-term direction for the county’s strategic planning and budget. Measure are chosen based on the quality of the data source, the measure’s comparability with the seven-county metro region and the availability of trend data. No single indicator can capture all progress toward a goal, but together these measures provide metrics on the overall health of our community in the areas of well-being, prosperity, opportunity and accountability.

Visit the Open Ramsey County website to view and explore more information on the county's community indicators.

In November 2019, three community workshops were held to learn more about our resident’s values and their vision for the future. 

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