Bail, Bond and Release Information

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Bail is money provided to the court as a promise to appear in court, whether the individual was recently arrested or has an active warrant. In lieu of posting bail (cash), an individual may choose to go through a bonding agency. Bond is money or property secured as a promise to appear in court. The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office cannot recommend a specific bonding agency. 

Posting bail/bond allows an individual to remain out-of-custody until his or her court date.

  • Bail/bond can be paid at the Adult Detention Center.
  • Bail is accepted at the Adult Detention Center 24-hour lobby window.
  • Only cash for the exact amount of the bail is accepted.
  • Credit cards, checks, or money orders are not accepted.

Posting bail/bond for someone in jail

Posting bail/bond for an arrest warrant


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