Aldrich and Highland Arenas Community Engagement

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Parks & Recreation is working to advance the 21st Century Parks vision — A dynamic, community-centered system that provides opportunities for our ever-changing community to engage with inclusive and welcoming parks and recreation sites and programming  by engaging with community members regarding their experiences and recommendations for facility and programming improvements to Aldrich and Charles M. Schulz - Highland Arenas.

Both arenas are anchor ice facilities within the county that provide recreational opportunities and offer space for a large number of events and programming. A facility plan is being created to address critical infrastructure needs, improve user experience and expand access to better serve all residents.




Community engagement results

Common feedback themes

  • Excitement and support for building and design updates to both arenas.
  • Interest in additional dry floor activities, community events and youth sports beyond ice hockey.
  • Updated or the addition of team/athlete areas of both arenas. 

Read the full Community Engagement Summary Report