Parks & Recreation Signage Project

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Ramsey County Parks & Recreation is rethinking signage throughout the park system to make it more user-friendly, accessible and welcoming. This project is part of the 21st Century Park Vision and new signage will also reflect the recently updated park ordinance.


Ramsey County parks have a variety of signs that include maps, directions and park or facility rules. Most signs are located near park and facility entrances, with others at destinations within the park.  

This project will focus on updating permanent signage. Permanent signs include:

  • Wayfinding signs provide maps, directions and location/use information.
  • Information signs describe rules such as hours, uses or restrictions, and can provide information on resources such as park programs, digital maps and social media.
  • Park entrance signs identify park and facility locations.
  • Interpretive signs provide educational information.


This project will result in new standards for the full range of signage that will:

  • Reflect the county’s equity commitments.
  • Be user friendly.
  • Meet county needs and requirements.
  • Be affordably maintained and updated. 

Timeline and community engagement

In summer 2021, Ramsey County Parks & Recreation asked park users how park, trail and facility signs could be more informative, helpful and welcoming for all visitors. 


Staff and volunteers were at the parks summer in 2021 asking visitors for their ideas. Additionally, an online survey with the same questions was available through July 16, 2021.

Review the analysis of results from in-person and online engagements. 

View final results (PDF)

The full compilation of all feedback is available upon request by emailing Parks & Recreation.


Installation of new signage began in May 2023.