About Arrest Warrants

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An arrest warrant, which calls for the immediate apprehension and arrest of a person, is issued by a judge as a result of a suspected commission of a crime and/or failure to follow an order of the Court, such as a failure to appear at a hearing, or a violation of the terms of probation or pre-trial supervision.

The Sheriff’s Office does not issue warrants; the Sheriff’s Office is responsible by state statute for processing and maintaining warrant data. Warrants processed by the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office are issued by Ramsey County District Court (Second Judicial District). A judge must sign and approve each warrant.

Arrest warrants are issued for serious crimes, such as murder, criminal sexual conduct and assault, and/or when an individual presents a flight risk, cannot be located or resides out of state. Arrest warrants are also issued for less serious crimes where an individual has failed to follow an order of the court.

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