Life with an Arrest Warrant

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If you are wanted for a serious crime, you are a fugitive. You should know law enforcement agencies are actively working together to bring you to justice. By statute, the sheriff is required to "pursue and apprehend all felons" (Minnesota State Statute 387.03). Statute also requires law enforcement officers to arrest anyone with an active arrest warrant. 

If you are wanted for a less serious crime and have not resolved your arrest warrant in court, chances are you have not had contact with law enforcement since your original offense. You should know you still run the risk of being arrested.

Imagine how difficult an unexpected arrest could be. For example, assume on your way to work or school:

  • You are pulled over for speeding.
  • The deputy/officer lets you know you have an arrest warrant.
  • You are arrested and brought to jail.
  • Your car is towed and impounded (tow fees and daily storage fees vary by towing company).
  • You may be held in-custody (in jail) if you cannot post bail/bond.
  • You may miss work or school and may have to take additional time off work to appear in court.

Whether you are a wanted fugitive or wanted for a less serious crime, turning yourself in will immediately resolve your arrest warrant at a time that is convenient for you.

Having an active arrest warrant may also have a negative impact in one of the following ways:

  • Being arrested at an unexpected time.
  • Showing up on a background check when applying for a job.
  • Being denied public assistance for housing or social security (SSI).
  • Not being able to obtain a passport or being detained while traveling out of the country.
  • Having a loan application or bank account denied.