Investigative Services

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The Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU) conducts follow-up investigations on felony-level crimes reported to the Sheriff’s Office that have occurred within the contract cities. CIU investigators work a wide range of cases including, but not limited to homicides, assaults, robberies, burglaries, auto theft, sexual assaults, child abuse, and fraud/forgery cases.

The investigation process requires this unit to perform many tasks, including interviewing and taking statements from suspects, victims, and witnesses; photographing crime scenes; and processing latent fingerprints. When the investigation has been completed, the case is then presented to the city attorney’s office serving the city where the offense occurred, or the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office for criminal prosecution.

CIU also handles all juvenile offenses and conducts follow-up investigations that are referred from other agencies, such as Ramsey County Community Human Services.

Partnership with Securonet

The Sheriff's Office has partnered with Securonet, LLC to assist in solving, reducing and preventing crimes through a program of voluntary registration of private security cameras. Securonet, LLC is a Minneapolis based company that integrates public and private security camera locations into a cloud based application that is easily accessible and user friendly. The registration of cameras is completely free, voluntary and secure. The Securonet Virtual Safety Network geo-maps cameras providing a streamlined process for investigators to quickly and efficiently request video when a crime has been reported.

Businesses and individuals can voluntarily register their exterior facing cameras by signing up at: When video is needed it will be requested by an investigator. The Sheriff’s Office will not have remote access to these cameras unless otherwise permitted.

Information about the program is available on the registration website and the July 2016 news release (pdf)

Property and Evidence

As part of our property and evidence handling protocol, the Sheriff's Office is required by state statute to periodically provide notice of unclaimed, recovered property that is scheduled for disposal. See current unclaimed property notices here.