K-9 Unit

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The K-9 Unit is part of the Sheriff’s Office patrol strength. Comprised of specially trained deputies and canines (police dogs), this unit conducts patrols, responds to calls for service, and provides critical support when called upon. The K-9 Unit is frequently utilized during felony apprehensions, narcotic searches, and to locate missing persons and suspects. The K-9 Unit also provides these services, upon request, to local and neighboring law enforcement agencies. At community and school events, this unit is often asked to demonstrate the high level of training and skills of canines.

K-9 training

Each canine is trained and certified to meet the standards established by the United States Police Canine Association. The K-9 Unit has seven teams composed of a deputy and a canine partner. Once selected to serve in the K-9 Unit, a deputy is paired with a canine, and they begin their partnership with a thirteen-week training program. During this intensive training period, obedience, agility, tracking, article search, suspect searches, and suspect apprehension are learned. Deputies then continue to train with their canines every day of the week, and the dog lives with the deputy. Annually, the Ramsey County Sheriff’s K-9 Unit participates in regional working trials and tests where each deputy and canine partner must demonstrate their skills in six areas to retain their USPCA certification and continue serving in the K-9 Unit. Teams that excel in the regional tests are invited to participate in national trials. Ramsey County K-9 teams have a strong history of success at the regional and national level. Financial support for these events is supplied in part by the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Foundation.

Ramsey County Regional Canine Training Center

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office operates the Ramsey County Regional Canine Training Center. This center trains deputies/officers and canines for the Sheriff’s Office and other departments within the five state area.