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Free and confidential services for victims of sexual violence, their partners, families, friends and other concerned persons. SOS is available 24/7 at 651-266-1000. Face-to-face services have resumed with safety precautions. Call 651-266-1000 or email us at [email protected] for volunteer training information. Please check back later for upcoming support groups.

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Reporting choices for victim/survivors 

Many victim/survivors of sexual violence do not report it for fear of not being believed or retaliation. There are now more options for reporting sexual violence, if you choose to do so. Learn more on how you can report directly with a sexual assault advocate and decide what path towards healing is best for you.

Volunteers needed

SOS is currently seeking volunteers to staff the 24-hour crisis line during nights and weekends. Free, extensive training is provided. The next training will begin winter 2024.

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