Community Event Request Form

Ramsey County employees and leaders work to actively engage our community in authentic, meaningful and inclusive ways. One way the county will achieve this is by supporting events and initiatives, when possible, that meet the needs of our community and advance our strategic priorities.

External entities can request support from Ramsey County for their events. External entities include, but are not limited to, other local governments, non-profit organizations, private businesses, community organizations, contractors or an individual. Support available will vary depending on the department or division that receives the request. Your event information will be shared with the appropriate county departments as we collaborate across the organization.

Note: This submission process does not apply to regular county business operations or venue rentals, including events that fit within the intended purpose of the facility such as rental of the Union Depot or Landmark Center, rental of county meetings rooms or parking lots through Property Management, Public Health sponsorships or the Park & Picnic Reservation and Special Use Permit process.

Request process

To ensure there is enough time for planning and preparation, entities are required submit a form 30-90 days in advance of the event. Depending on the department/division and the size of the request, it may be possible to process the request within 30 days. Ramsey County will not use resources to support events that are fundraisers, private, or support partisan/political purposes.

Community event request form

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Ramsey County directs resources in a way that aligns with the county’s Vision, Mission & Goals and Strategic Priorities. Consider including the following factors in your responses: how the event includes marginalized communities, addresses disparities, meets identified gaps, promotes civic engagement, proposes innovative ideas and shares power.